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Pippa Maile

Pippa Maile


Elys Relocation

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I am based in Andalusia, southern Spain in a very cosmopolitan environment, and have been an Expat living in Europe for over 20 years. I have always enjoyed working with the public and collaborating with other professionals, so how did this all begin?

Well, moving to live in France over 23 years ago is when my journey started, I lived in the Lot Valley for 12 years, eventually moving to the Côte d'Azur where I lived with my husband, 3 children and 2 dogs.

Teaching English as a second language all over the Midi Pyrenees for a few years gave me a solid background to mixing with people from all kinds of backgrounds. A career change was imminent, soon I began partnering with an aftersales business, working with real estate agencies for their international clients. You could say I found my vocation.

In 2006 I was approached by a Foreign Exchange company from the UK, I spent 10 years working all over Europe setting up their affiliates and partnerships business. This gave me the taste for helping people to find a respectable service for foreign exchange payments. So, after many years of experience working in the world of International Payments, I created Elysfx : a bespoke service for clients who want to have a great personal service and always have someone they can talk to at any time.

From my experience there is a need for guidance when trading for real estate, businesses, products or any other service in another country, and understanding the frustrations that go with not understanding how everything works in another country I was determined to make ElysFX special for everyone, moreover, my aim has always been to service my clients with a professional and approachable service worldwide.

To work with a private client is a real pleasure when they understand clearly how much they can save by using our Foreign Exchange Services, as opposed to transferring with their high street bank.

For me, it is a pleasure to work with our partners, constructors & promoters, business owners and private clients alike. Nowadays people require foreign trade services for so many reasons, but the bottom line is they want the freedom to contact their broker, dealer and customer services department, all of which I am a great believer are imperative in today’s busy technical world.

What makes my company Elys FX unique?

The genuine care I have for our clientele, whether they are a private client buying or selling a property or someone sending a small pension abroad or a large company trading in various denominations. Elys FX stands out from other currency companies not only as the pioneer within the industry but also remaining true to what it does best “International payments” and not diversifying into other areas.