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Membership Charter

of The Riviera Business Club

Last updated : 7 October 2022

Roles and Responsibilities

Membership is open to any person who has a registered business, works for a French registered company  or who is retired from a business here in France.

To preserve the unique purpose of the club, the number of members who operate in the French Riviera (06 & 83) shall always constitute at least 50% of the membership.

All members shall be eligible to hold a position on the Club’s Board, however only a person running (or has run) a French registered business is eligible to be President.

The Club’s Board

The President represents the Club and supervises the duties. The President is a member ex-officio of all the committees and has general supervision and direction and control for the club. They shall preside at all meetings of the club.

The President may establish committees as necessary for the proper running of the club and may appoint Chair’s for each of these committees.

The Club Secretary shall give notice of all meetings and shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Board. All documents to be filed and copied to the Board.

The Club Treasurer shall have the responsibility of the Club’s funds. They will keep a full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements and make financial reports. They shall be responsible for the Club’s bank accounts and inform the Board at each meeting on its status.

The Communications Officer will be responsible for updating and maintain the website, the social media accounts and ensuring the Club adheres to GDPR conditions. They shall manage the Member’s communications per the membership level selected. The Communications officer shall manage the Editorial Committee and is responsible for regularly updating the Board at meetings.

The Membership Secretary will verify new applications prior to proposal to the Board for approval. They shall record all approved memberships in a database. They shall liaise with the Treasurer for membership dues and the Communications Officer for the Member’s publicity. The Membership Secretary shall manage the Membership committee and is responsible for regularly updating the Board at meetings.

The Event coordinator will coordinate and organise all events in accordance with the Club’s calendar. The Event coordinator will manage the Events committee and is responsible for regularly updating the Board at meetings.

The members of the Board and their Committees must all have valid RBC memberships. During their tenure as volunteers for the club as members of the board or as part of a committee, they will benefit from a one level increase in their membership level.

Honorary members

Honorary members can include :

  • Representatives of the CCI
  • The British Ambassador to France
  • And any other President of local business clubs may from time to time be invited to accept honorary membership.
  • All past Presidents of the club can become honorary members for life.
  • Other persons of great distinction or who have rendered exceptional services to the club may be elected to Honorary membership at any meeting of the Club’s Board.

Election of Members

Applications must be submitted to the Membership Secretary. Security checks are conducted to determine appropriateness of any candidates. 

Before accepting membership, the application must be proposed and seconded by the board.

Approved candidates will be notified by email and should then pay their membership dues within 30 days upon receipt of their invoice.

Failure to pay dues within 30 days will result in the application being withdrawn.

Members, once admitted, should not use the membership list for commercial purposes or solicitation without the consent of the individual.


Any member may resign in good standing at any time. They should ensure all their dues to the club have been paid.


The Club’s Board may suspend or expel any member for conduct that is in its’ opinion undesirable as a member.

The member shall be notified in writing of the charges against them which must be given at least 7 full days prior to the meeting of the board to consider such charges.

Any member against whom charges have been filed shall have the right to reply thereto in writing and may be afforded an opportunity to appear personally to defend the charges.

No member shall be suspended without two thirds Club’s Board, present at the meeting, voting for the suspension.

Board Meetings

The Club’s Board meet regularly per the President’s request, or at the Secretary’s request in the absence of the President. A quorum (50% of the board) for decisions is required. In the event of 3 consecutive unexcused absences, the President may ask The Board to declare that position vacant.

Should a position on the Board become vacant due to resignation, death, absence, or disability, the position may be filled in the interim by another member of the Board until a new member can be voted in. 


Communications and notices will be sent by email to address on the Application form, or by post if no email address has been provided.