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Aurélie Stark and Paul Barbe are the founders of Paul&Stark.

Their journey is a sweet tale of passion and innovation. Paul has over a decade of experience in the pastry and chocolate field, whilst Aurelie’s experience spans such diverse backgrounds as animation, travel, and journalism and together they decided to embark on a delicious adventure to create their very own chocolate factory.

But Paul&Stark is no ordinary chocolate factory. Nestled in the serene Vésubie Valley, it's a haven of creativity surrounded by nature. Their guiding principles are clear: local ingredients, local suppliers, quality craftsmanship, close connection to their clients, and an abundance of passion.

Today, Paul&Stark caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from large corporations to quaint local corner shops. Their vision for the future is even more inspiring: to create an environmentally responsible chocolate factory nestled in the heart of nature.