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A convinced European

The creation of LINGUAPOLIS is a natural consequence of the career of Véronique Langer, its founder. During her 14 years of experience in the corporate world, including 5 years as an expatriate in Germany, she worked as a sales assistant, executive assistant and team manager in various sectors and departments (management, sales, sales, marketing, after-sales) and in companies of various sectors and sizes. These experiences have enabled her to acquire a global view of the functioning and problems of a company, with the French, German and English languages in their most diverse aspects of professional life.

Moreover, with her German husband and two bilingual daughters studying abroad, biculturalism is not an empty word for her as she also lives it on a daily basis.

Education: a vocation !

The desire to pass on her knowledge to others has always pursued her. This is why she chose, a few years ago, to return to the university benches to train and devote herself fully to teaching French as a foreign language.

Her dynamism, her professionalism and her sense of contact allow her to ideally combine language training with the expectations of a corporate environment. Exactly this led to LINGUAPOLIS’s creation in 2008. Since 2016, after more than 12 years training her clients in the French language, she manages daily the commercial, pedagogical, administrative and economic aspects of the company.

After a start with 4 languages and 3 trainers, there are now around 30 trainers working on 10 languages. And since 2008, more than 50,000 hours of training have been given to over 2,000 learners!

Véronique's slogan, which she fully embodies and assumes:

Germanic rigour, American-style service, and the French Touch to boot.

Moreover, the Riviera Business Club was not mistaken, as Véronique was the winner of the "Business Person of the Year 2021" award !